Sustainability is an important element of the philosophy at Knaith Road as we feel strongly about protecting our environment and reducing our impact on earth. We use natural materials and colours to help create our learning environments, which we are in the process of an outdoor play space upgrade.

The aim is to provide children with the knowledge and skills to become environmentally responsible. Research shows that the earlier Children are given the opportunity to learn about and connect with the environment, the more likely they are to carry those skills forward and be environmentally responsible as adults.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the quality and practice of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, therefore supporting long-term ecological balance.

Sustainable education

As educators, we have the responsibility to make sustainable education a part of our everyday practices, rather than a topic or theme to consider for a short time. Educators and children work together to learn about the environment and promote sustainable use of resources and to develop and implement sustainable practices. At Knaith Road these include waste management programs, growing our own produce and using our oversized play areas for learning about nature.

Water & energy

Energy and water conservation are built into our policies and practices. These include:

  • Air conditioning and lights are switched off when not in use
  • Electrical appliances including computers are turned off at the end of the day
  • Water used in centre activities is utilised for watering
  • Educators monitor and educate children on water usage
  • Water saving and conservation tips are displayed in bathrooms
  • We adhere to imposed water restrictions and build the reasoning into the curriculum


We believe in setting the example for our children and the wider community. To save paper, we communicate electronically at Knaith Road. Our newsletters, menus and other centre information is all published via email.

We encourage staff and parents to be actively involved in the monthly review of each of our policies and procedures. We accommodate any new legislative changes as they occur and any issues identified as part our commitment to quality improvement. In addition, we consult with relevant recognised authorities as part of the annual review to ensure the policy contents are consistent with current research and contemporary views on best practice.