History of KRCCC

The Knaith Road Child Care Centre (KRCCC) was established in 1985 to meet the growing demand for community based, quality child care. The building was funded by the Commonwealth and State Governments, and built by the City of Ringwood on Council land. In 2004, following a grant from the Commonwealth Government and with assistance from the Maroondah City Council, the centre was extended, incorporating a new children’s room, a sleep room and new staff facilities.

The City of Maroondah is the sponsor and has vested the day to day running of the centre to an Incorporated Association, made up of parents using the centre and interested community members.

KRCCC is registered as an Incorporated Association and has a formal constitution (a copy of which is displayed in the foyer). The constitution requires the existence of a Committee of Management to oversee the management and administration of the centre. The Association, (Knaith Road Child Care Centre Inc.) is the Licensee of the Children’s Service, and the Committee of Management is the elected representatives of the Association.

The Centre today


We cater for children aged from six weeks to school age and are open from 7am to 6pm.

  • We are proud of our: Natural play environments and resources
  • Four well-resourced playrooms and an excellent shaded, natural outdoor play area
  • Philosophy of child-led play and intentional learning opportunities
  • Dedicated team of professional, qualified caring staff with a low turnover rate.
  • Delicious home cooked meals that provide 75% of your child’s daily nutritional needs and all dietary requirements are catered for
  • Separate sleeping room with cots for babies
  • Strong financial management decisions made by a parents’ committee.
  • Government-funded 4 year old kindergarten program, led by an experienced kindergarten teacher, which is complemented by the flexibility of long day care hours.
  • Fees, which are kept low through fundraising, working bees, and the support of Maroondah City Council
  • Fantastic community feeling with regular social and fundraising events

Specific curriculum’s have been designed for each room.

Room 1: (6 weeks – 18 months) Our educators interact with children in a supportive, caring and educational manner which ensures that all children are progressing through the various milestones within this curriculum rich environment through a wide variety of age appropriate and safe interesting objects, textures and physical challenges.

Room 2: (18 months – 3 years) Our program provides a stimulating base for inquisitive toddlers. Focus on children’s play and individual development is enhanced by interaction with educators who provide open shelving enabling children to experience the skill of making choices and completing tasks.

Room 3: (3 – 4 years) The program is developed to cater for the needs and interests of each child and focused on what the child can already do. Through our group time experiences, we aim to develop listening skills and concentration, introduce concepts relative to pre-reading and pre-maths skills, and the ability to share information with others.

Kindergarten (Room 4): Funded Kindergarten (4 – 6 years) A play based curriculum building on previous skills and aimed at developing self confidence, a positive self image, resilience, empathy, independence, problem solving, literacy, numeracy and communication skills as preparation for school.

Meal Times:  The centre employs a chef whose sole purpose is to provide a balanced, nutritious and satisfying menu. Menus are planned and we offer a summer and winter menu. Fresh produce is used and meals are prepared in a hygienic manner. Water is available at all times throughout the day

The centre operates on a non-profit, breakeven of costs basis. As we receive no ongoing financial support from Government, our entire income is from parent fees and fund raising.

We believe that the best people to make decisions about how the centre will run are those whose children attend the centre. Therefore we invite all parents to join the association, to enable them to have input into decisions that affect the way the centre runs. Once you are familiar with the centre, you may wish to consider joining the Committee of Management. Elections are held each year at our Annual General Meeting, where all parents are eligible to nominate for a position on the committee (except where they are employed by the Association).

What makes us different…

Knaith Road Child Care Centre and Kindergarten is a community based, not-for-profit centre. Community based long day care services are unique in that they are run by a Committee of Management made up of community members, the majority of whom are parents. The Committee of Management employs a Director and Assistant Director who are responsible for the day to day running of the centre.

Families experience more opportunities to have input into decision making processes at the service. Educators, staff and families are actively involved in centre activities.
As a not-for-profit centre, any surplus funds are redirected back into the centre to benefit the children. Families are encouraged to support the centre’s regular fundraising activities.

Knaith Road caters for only 50 children across the centre each day, with small group sizes in all of the children’s rooms. This allows for more one-on-one interactions and stronger relationships between educators and children. The shared outdoor environment enables siblings to interact throughout the day.