Our policies and procedures at Knaith Road assist our staff and families to make good decisions that optimise health, safety and wellbeing to ensure we meet our duty of care obligations. Contact us to request a full copy of Knaith Road Policies & Procedures.

Policy Reviews

We review selected policies each month, and every policy is reviewed at least once per year. We encourage staff and families to be actively involved in the monthly review of each of our policies and procedures. We accommodate any new legislative changes as they occur and any issues identified as part our commitment to quality improvement. In addition, we consult with relevant recognised authorities as part of the annual review to ensure the policy contents are consistent with current research and contemporary views on best practice.

We value partnerships and collaboration, and keep an open door for our families and their suggestions at all times. Many of our policy improvements have emerged from parent discussions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s face it, many policies get written, filed and do little but collect dust for the remainder of their time. Not at Knaith Road! Fire drills, lockdown procedures and emergency evacuations are actually fun to practice – which is exactly what we do. Through repetition, our children learn to be brisk without risk in serious situations and ensure we all remain on our toes.