Thai Beef Massaman Curry (traditional recipe from our chef’s family)

Our centre chefs provide a seasonally-based, four weekly rotating menu incorporating the freshest produce. We offer a balanced, nutritious and satisfying children’s menu at every opportunity – breakfast for the early birds, morning tea, a hot cooked lunch and afternoon tea. For babies we provide pureed vegetables, vegetables with chicken, rice or pasta. Yoghurt and pureed fruits are also provided. Special dietary requirements and allergies are catered for.

Water is served with all meals, and is readily available to all children throughout the day. We provide opportunities for older children to self-serve.

The menu is displayed in our foyer and in the children’s rooms – we encourage families and staff to become involved in menu planning and welcome suggestions!

Our kitchen operates a Food Safety Program to comply with the highest of standards of food safety required by the Victorian Food Act. The Food Safety program is audited and monitored by local Council and an independent Food Safety Auditor annually.