I truly feel sad saying goodbye to this amazing team. I am not sure you would remember but Ella came to Knaith Road after 1 year at a terrible childcare centre. Ella has thrived with you all. Dan and I have never worried for a moment. You all do an amazing job of wrapping your arms around all the children and nurture, encourage and educate every single one (including us as parents). I saw this pot and it represents you holding our children in your hands. The plant has heart shape leaves which represents your love, care & thoughtfulness for all.

Year in year out you all do an amazing job but this year put us all to the test and you should all be thanked and congratulated and proud to how well you ‘pivoted’.

Children have transitioned & enjoyed their time because of your enthusiasm & dedication.

Long may Knaith Road keep going & nurturing our children. Bye for now and thank you so much

We cannot thank you enough for the loving care you have provided for Archie and Chester over the last 8 years. We cannot quite believe that this chapter is at an end! We have such wonderful fond memories of the boys with you.

Thank you for your encouragement, your concern & care, the fun times, problem solving, patience & understanding. We are not sure where we’d be without you!

We can’t thank you enough for the awesome job you do every day! KRCCC really is such a special place, and we are so grateful that we get to send Izzy to a centre that she just loves so much! Even though it’s been an incredibly tough year, you have gone above and beyond to create a safe and happy space for our kids! You are all so wonderful – thank you!

As a Child protection expert who provides training around Australia to the Early education Sector I am consistently providing services advice and direction on how to provide not only a safe environment for children but also how to implement prevention and early intervention strategies around child protection. On a recent visit to Knaith Road Child Care Centre I was extremely impressed with the entire team lead by Lysa on their understanding of child protection and abuse prevention. They have implemented some fabulous programs and activities that provide not only the children great protective skills but parents and the community awareness tips around child protection. Without hesitation, if I was looking for a service to enrol my child into that provides the highest quality safety and protection initiatives, I would choose Knaith Road Child Care Centre!

Both of my children have been in long day care at Knaith Road. My son started in the babies room and is now in the Kinder room! I consider myself and my kids to be incredibly lucky to have got places at Knaith Road when we did – we have never had any regrets. The staff were incredibly supportive when we went through the initial separation anxiety that my kids and I experienced when they first started childcare 3 years ago, and the kids quickly adapted and really look forward to going to Knaith Road. I have taken for granted the strong relationships that I have with the staff at Knaith Road and it is only when I speak to other parents with kids at other childcare centres that I realise that having such great relationships with the staff is not the norm. I love the natural environment that Knaith Road provides, the low staff turnover which means both my kids are really comfortable with all the staff and have known most of them for the whole time they have been at Knaith Road, and the food the kids get which is far better nutritionally than I usually give my kids – and my kids actually eat the food at childcare which is more than can be said at home! I also love the Christmas parties and Easter parties, the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day nights that the Centre puts on. It’s just a great family environment.

We are exceptionally happy with the service Knaith Road has provided our children over the years we have attended. Knaith Road is a purpose-built centre devoted to the care of your child. Each room has a minimum number of children, is spacious and has all the necessary provisions to care for your child, from cots in the babies room to a fully functional kindergarten in the senior room, and does not look like a converted house. Every time we come to the centre we are greeted with happy staff who are able to tell you what your child has done during the day, and answer any questions you might have. The food provided for the children is fantastic and smells wonderful when you walk in during the morning to drop your child off. The staff are approachable for advice and will endeavour to work closely with you on any issues related to your child. Our family is very happy with Knaith Road, and we would recommend you come and have a look for yourself!

When we were looking for child care centres, Knaith Road felt familiar and peaceful. There was no other place we wanted to trust with the care of our child. The transition program was really helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of childcare centres.